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PAIRS trading has a higher probability of success when trading stocks.  Get consistent results.

Follow along with our dynamic market simulator.  You can trade when it trades.  When it enters a trade, you can follow along.  Exit when it does.  It is as easy as that.


Use our TECHNICAL trading workbench to assemble, optimize and backtest your algo strategy.  We help you develop sophisticated algorithmic trading, quick and easy.

When you are satisfied, just click the "trade button" and follow along with our dynamic simulator.  Follow the trades it makes.


Successful trading is all about the data.  We capture tick data from major markets, including NYSE, NASDAQ, FOREX & Crypto-currency exchanges.   We process it so you can use it.  Imagine on-the-fly bars you need, any timeframe.  We can do that!  Use it as a simple text download, or make it a dynamic stream to your application - it's up to you.  Oh, and we can add technical studies to your data.  Contact us for more details.

We bring the markets' technical data from NASDAQ, NYSE, FOREX, and even Crypto. You see the same information that professional traders use. We level the trading field for you.


Why Trade Pairs?

  • It is very easy to use, with high probability of success.

  • It is the strategy used by many hedge funds, due to its consistent wins.

  • You can be profitable in any market direction (up or down)

  • Just follow along with our dynamic market simulator.  Learn or trade, its up to you.


Easily Create your own Algorithmic Trading Strategies

Our TECHNICAL Trader's Workbench

  • Easily form sophisticated trading strategies using our selection tools

  • We give you the tools, you select, modify, test, and trade (if you choose to).

Here Is How it Works:
    • Select from our list of Algorithmic strategy templates.
    • Choose the ticker from our list.
    • Select the timeframe you want to use (15-min, 30-min, 1-hour, 4-hours, and 1-day.)
    • Back-test the strategy and make sure it works for you.
    • When ready, click the "trade it" button and watch in our dynamic simulator.

TradeFinder brings you a wide range of tools to help you trade profitably.

Use a PAIRS Membership to trade pairs. You will see consistent gains, and it does not require prior experience in trading. You will see why hedge funds regularly use this strategy.

Use a TECHNICAL membership, to develop your own market pattern strategies using sophisticated algorithms and let the computer watch and manage the trade.

TradeFinder is a monthly subscription membership.

Signup and you get a free 7-day trial. It will be the best subscription you ever made.






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